Kenzie Kilpatrick’s eighth child was born last week. He is thrilled, showing a picture on his phone of the girl – as yet unnamed – who arrived on Tuesday, July 21, at 10.44am, weighing 6lb 15oz.

He reads out a message from the mother, which says: ‘I’m so happy to tell you that our little miracle baby girl is here. All thanks to you. She is beautiful.’.

The 26-year-old looks as proud as any new dad, but Kenzie will play no further part in this child’s life.Nor will he be a parent to his 7 other biological children – all born, one after the other, in the past 3 months or the 2 who are due any time now.

So, 3 daughters, 5 sons, including twin boys, and counting. Half-siblings who share their father’s DNA, but not each other’s lives or indeed Kenzie’s continued presence as they grow up

Kenzie, a single gay man, this week emerged as one of Britain’s most prolific freelance sperm donors. Dubbed ‘the Sperminator’ by one radio station, at this rate – 10 babies in fewer than 4 months – he could father 300 children in a decade.

‘When the last 2 babies are born, I will have fathered 10 children, all under 4 months old. It’s amazing and I feel so proud,’ says Kenzie, who has taken the rare step of speaking publicly about the hidden world of independent sperm donors.

So far he has helped 9 lesbian couples and1 heterosexual couple to become parents.

‘It feels fantastic to have helped so many people in such a short space of time, but I’ve decided to stop for now. I may help provide siblings to my existing couples, but while I would never say never, I’m not on a mission to populate the world.’

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Kenzie, who says he accepts no payment other than travel expenses, recites the name of each of his genetic children as he counts them on his fingers, but adds: ‘Please don’t ask me their birthdates. There are too many of them, I get confused and really they’re not my kids. Any man can father a child, but it takes a parent to love them and bring them up. I see them as donations.’

Ever since Kenzie first offered his services for free in June last year via his Facebook group, called Drama Free UK Sperm Donors, he says he has been inundated with hundreds of requests from women desperate for a child.
Operating outside strict regulations which govern clinics licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, Kenzie has no moral issue with fathering children by women willing to take a risk with someone who is effectively a stranger.
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