Drugs with an estimated street value of more than £600,000 have been found inside a box of Tesco bananas.

The drugs were found by a worker, who was unpacking the fruit shipment from South America when he discovered five bags, each containing white powder and weighing 1kg, the Mirror said.

Police are investigating after being called to the Tesco superstore in Wokingham, Berkshire, last Wednesday.

According to the Tesco website, the majority of their bananas are imported from farms across Costa Rica and then transported to distribution centres throughout the UK before being sent out to stores.

Director of drug research company the Independent Monitoring Unit, Matthew Atha said the white powder is most likely to be cocaine.

He said: “White powder from South America? It’s going to be cocaine.”

Mr Atha said each bag could be worth up to £150,000 and even more when valued at street value.

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