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“I Have Wonderful Hips & Boobs, Guys Stare At Me When I Pass” – Actress Angel


Angel Christopher is not exactly your shy type. Many times, the actress have had to battle and survive controversies to stay on course of her career. She’s a talented actress but beside the talent, there is her ass that cannot be kept quiet. Angel knows she’s got the goods and she spares no one the delight her nice, curvy ass brings.

“I have got wonderful hips and boobs,” she once told Potpourri. “Whenever I walk along the streets, guys stop whatever they are doing just to stare at me. Both the young and the old are captivated by my curvy body. I am blessed with a sweet body.

An old woman saw me some days ago and said, ‘my daughter you are really beautiful, hope you thank your God everyday for making you this special. And I smiled and said ‘yes ma’. So, that is what I see every day.”

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