When it comes to body image the majority of women are ready for everything to reach perfection, but this young Venezuelan lady put her body through hell to be ‘truly beautiful’.

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Aleira Avendano, 26, is a crazy beauty lover who is sure that plastic surgeries is the only way to achieve the feminine beauty ideal.

To prove her words a Venezuelan model wore a corset for seven years to narrow her waist to a tiny 51 cm.

She also underwent four breasts enlargements, two nose jobs, neck elongation, liposuction, three rounds of buttock implants, gastric bypass, a forehead-lift and even had her teeth replaced with dentures.

And she is not planning to stop as her aim is to become the sexiest woman on earth. “I’m not worried about going under the knife. Only the strongest and most beautiful women are willing to go under the knife in the name of beauty and perfection. Every woman should have plastic surgery if they want to be truly beautiful.”

Aleira is now pursuing her dream of making herself – and her body – world famous with the help Instagram, where she has almost half a million followers.

Unsurprisingly, her monster shapes draws both adoration and harsh criticism but Aleira is convinced  that “the world needs to see my amazing body.”

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