Watch p*rn stars reveal how they maintain their marriage


Adult film stars were recently interviewed and asked to describe how their career affect their relationships.

A youtube show, Ask A p@.rn Star, delves into the lifestyle of p@.rn actors and actresses in a bid to understand how the adult movie industry actually work.

In this episode, p@.rn actresses were asked, ‘How does doing p@.rn affect your relationship?’

Some of the actresses admitted to being single, there were a few others who were married and even engaged.

These p@.rn stars describe how their career affects their relationships below.

Vyxen Steel (Married): I have been married for three and half years. We are happily married. He met me when I was doing p@.rn. He is now a p@.rn star as well. It is a job at the end of the day. There is no emotional attachment to anyone. At the beginning, he was fine with it and accepted it. He loves me for who I am. 

Veruca James (Engaged): My fiance is in the industry as well. We met before I started doing p@.rn. We have always had a fun-loving, open-ish relationship. The first time we had S3@.x:’ was a threesome with his female roommate. He does perform and it is easer dating another performer because the jealousy issues just don’t exist.  He understand that when I go on set, I am going in there to have my fun, get my paycheck and go home. He does get to have S3@.x:’ with other girls. He gets to have fun, gets that outlet, gets paid, and that’s it. We then get to spend our time together, watching our favourite shows, cooking dinner and going out and all that special stuff that is so much more important than S3@.x:’. 

April O’Neil (Single): Is it hard to be in a relationship while doing p@.rn? Yes, of course. It is very difficult to find someone who is okay with something like that. At the beginning, they are, then at some point they become not okay with it. You find yourself in love with somebody and they just cannot handle the job anymore. Then you also have the people that simply want to date you because you are a p@.rn star. They don’t care about you as a human being.  There is different levels to it. It’s very difficult.

Missy Martinez (In a relationship): I have been in a few relationships. I only date guys who are mature and know the difference between S3@.x:’ and intimacy. S3@.x:’ and love are two different things. I go to set, I have S3@.x:’, you know, it is acting, it is theatrical. The second the cameras stop rolling, I am myself again. It is just like any other job. It takes a very mature person, a lot of trust, to make it work.

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