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Watch Kim K & Kanye West engrossed in their phones backstage at the VMAs (Photos)

Is there anything wrong with a couple engrossed on their phones? After they packed on the PDA in front of cameras, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s display away from the spotlight was a little different.Yesterday, there were reports they were engrossed on their phones when the cameras were not on them and didn’t seem into each other.

In a new footage , the couple were captured on camera backstage at the ceremony, where they appeared engrossed in their mobile phones.
Kim, sits on a chair at one side of the room engrossed on her phone..Kanye then pats the seat next to him, motioning for her to swap positions.She moved over, sitting next to her hubby, while he pops his phone into his pocket.

Kim then passes  him her own mobile as she adjusts her shoes, and he starts scrolling away.
They were probably checking reviews on their outfits or Kanye’s Fade video which was premiered at the VMAs..

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