Beyoncé had a sold out concert at Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, North Carolina and this couple above sat down to watch the show. The only thing is that the woman’s husband didn’t seem interested in Beyoncé’s performance, instead, he pulled out a book and began to read it. After the video went viral, ABC news tracked the man down to ask why he was reading instead of enjoying the concert.
The man, 66 year old George Papageorgiou’s said he was working concessions at the venue for his church and he and his wife only pulled up seats when they were done.
He said:
“After a while, we watch the show. It was OK, and then we just sat down. I pulled up my book and start reading,” he recalled. He said he had read the book 6 or 7 times before but preferred to read it than watch Beyoncé because that wasn’t his type of music.


“I find Beyonce a great show woman, very attractive. Her music? Eh, fine, but not my style, the Greece native said. “I listen to ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and a lot of Greek music. He added: “I get this message on my iPhone saying ‘It’s hilarious, you’re in the news for reading a book at the Beyonce concert.’ It didn’t sink in till I started getting phone calls or my wife and stuff saying the news is calling they want to interview you and I’m like ‘What about?’” said Papageorgiou.

Watch the video below..

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