The University of Lagos (Unilag) was thrown into a carnival mood on Monday, September 28, as the creative students of the institution thrilled a massive crowd with amazing festival performances.

We gathered that the event which was proudly supported by the Olokun Festival Foundation, was perfectly woven to serve a dual purpose. First the evening of cultural displays was to serve as an exam for the students in the creative arts as well as be a source of entertainment aimed at promoting Nigerian and African cultures.

The occasion was well graced, with many dignitaries in attendance. Prominent among the attendees was the National coordinator of the OOdua Peoples Congress (OPC), Otunba Gani Adams (OGA).

OGA was the chief patron for the event and he delivered the key note address in which he debated that Nigeria as nation cannot progress except its citizens go back to their roots and uphold their cultures.

The political activist went on to allay fears over the misconceptions of culture. He informed that fanatics often cross the thin line between culture and religion, and because of western influence they tend to demonize the African cultural heritage.

Below are pictures that capture the glitz and glamour attached to the evening of African festival, where great dramatics and awesome singing was employed in totally depicting four cultures from Nigeria’s vast ethnic diversity


Otunba Gani Adams was key note speaker at the celebration of cultures.


Otunba Gani Adams