According to Ok! Magazine, Tom set up the reunion, meeting Suri at an apartment near Central Park that belongs to someone in his management team.

He likely chose this location because going to his Katie Holme’s place would not only be weird, but would start a media and paparazzi frenzy.

Their day included a game of hide-and-seek and stories.  Tom even reportedly gave Suri a huge teddy bear.

A source said, “Suri was so excited. “It was emotional for both of them. [Tom] was overcome seeing Suri again. He knows he could miss seeing her grow up if he’s not careful.”

Many believe that Tom has kept his distance from Suri because of Katie’s negative stance about Scientology.  Could he be putting his weird Scientology days behind him to make more time for his daughter???

Tom has been so deeply devoted to Scientology that it is hard to believe he would leave the church.


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