One of Rick Ross’s baby mamas wants a fatter child support check. It seems more like she wants to ball so hard through child support, due to all the cheese the rapper has been making from hawking wings.

Rick Ross’s baby mama Tia Kemp filed documents to modify Ross’ child support checks for their son William III, asking a judge to increase it to $20,000 a month.

Kemp says she deserves more because Rick is rolling:
* 9 successful Wingstop franchises
* $5.9 million mansion in Atlanta
* $5.1 million mansion in South FL
* Luc Belaire Rose sparkling wine and mCig electronic cigarette endorsement deals
* A recent hot-selling album (“Mastermind”)

Tia Kemp told Bossip: “You’ve got all these Wing Stops, all this property—up the pay.

“My son doesn’t ask for much. I’m not trying to drain him.”

The realtor insisted that she’s no gold digger, insisting that she’s still sleeping with Ross.

Kemp said, “We just had sex in July.”

“We’ve been sleeping with each other for the past few years,” she added.

According to Kemp, her intention wasn’t to bring the case to court but got to do what she got to do, after Rick Ross’ mother who handles his finances told her that Ross could no longer afford to pay their son’s after school boxing and karate lessons, hobbies the child has enjoyed for the last three years.

She said, “I just hope that it gets better, because I’m tired of it.

“It’s been 11 years, my son will be 10, and I’m tired of fighting this war.”

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The mother of three also hinted she, her son and the rapper last spent the summer together, he later flew the pair to Georgia after he made bail for allegedly assaulting and kidnapping his landscaper. But she said Ross has since stopped answering her and her son’s texts.

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