The lifestyle of the world’s most expensive teenage footballer has been revealed. Manchester United spent £36million on Anthony Martial, buy while his peers would be partying and blowing their fortune, Martial prefers to stay in, enjoys home-cooked meals by his mum, is a television addict and likes to relax with his family following training sessions and matches.

At 19, the striker is married to childhood sweetheart Samantha and the couple have an infant daughter named Toto. They are currently expecting their second child.

Martial’s lifestyle, however, is at odds with his new-found fame. ‘After training, I like to come home and find my wife. I am very homely,’ he previously told France Football.

Following a game he texts his wife Samantha immediately who, during their time in Monaco, enjoyed going on undisturbed walks. ‘We can walk quietly, you are not bothered much,’ Martial said.

After joining arguably the world’s most famous club in football, that will probably change.

But a source close to Martial told The Sun: ‘

Anthony now carries the glamorous title of being the most expensive teenager in world football, but his life is just the opposite.
‘He loves staying in and being with his family. It doesn’t look like he’ll be raising hell once he moves to Manchester.’

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