Nollywood actress, Favour Oma, has disclosed that it is a wrong notion for society to see every actress as a prostitute.

Since making her acting debut in 2011 she has strived to stay on top of her game owing to her passion for acting.

The Anambra native, who is the last of five children, has also tried to remain as original as possible. She doesn’t believe in the idea of following the crowd.

In an exclusive interview with Leadership she spoke on her passion for acting:

“The passion I have for the job has contributed to my success. I love my job. I see nothing as challenge. I look forward to becoming Favour Oma. I love Favour Oma (Myself) and she is the woman I want to become.”

The actress is currently working on a new movie, No Apology, which is the story of a young lady who was conceived against the wish of her mother.

She described the story line thus:

“It is a true life story written by me. The movie revolves around a young lady born in a typical Nigeria village. The lady in question was conceived out of mistake/regret by her mother. The said mother used to be a good Christian. Out of frustration, she (the mother) was forced into prostitution. While secretly being involved in se xual escapades to earn a living, she was also outwardly involved in church activities. In other words, she was living a double life. After several abortions, she was told she would die if she had another abortion . How will an unmarried born again Christian bear the shame of conceiving out of wedlock? She had to run away from the village, gave birth and placed a curse on the child…for denying her the opportunity to enjoy her life. From there, the riveting story unfolds.”

Oma’s movie highlights the issues of living a double life.

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According to her “it teaches that living a double life is a great injustice to oneself and the society at large. We should try at all times to be real; to be truthful to ourselves. Even the Bible says that our yes should be yes and no should be no.”

When asked what she would change about herself, if she could, she expressed the desire to stop being temperamental in nature.

“Anger is one of my vices. I am temperamental. That is one thing I would love to change about myself. Also, if I have the power to change anything, I would also love to change my height. I want to grow taller,” she said.

She also looks forward to bringing about a change in the industry especially regarding the wrong mindsets of the people.

“I want to put a stop to people taking advantage of the upcoming ones. I want to change the mindset that if you are an actress, you are a prostitute,” she said.

Having established her temperamental nature, she went on to state that living with a man as his second wife was a no-no for her.

“I’m a very jealous lover… I will kill somebody (laughs). If you marry me and decide to bring in another woman, I will just leave the house for you. It is either you are there for me or you are not there,” she said.

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