Pint-sized actor, Ibrahim Mousa, famously known as Ibro, has said that sheer luck is the only line between him and his counterparts, Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme of the Aki and Pawpaw fame.

Ibro, who relocated to Lagos over the weekend after some years of romance with top Nigerian politicians in Abuja, reiterated that there is only a thin line between him and the duo of Chinedu and Osita, aka Aki ans Paw Paw.

“I can proudly say that I’m more versatile and flexible. Chinedu and Osita are also talented but I’m better. But luck is the only difference here. They are my good friends, even till now, and there is mutual respect among us. So I’m not saying this to belittle them,” Ibro said.

The actor, who was one of the entertainers who championed President Buhari’s cause at the last electioneering campaign period, touched on the election process saying: “I was initially on President Jonathan’s train, but when I was privileged to see the blueprint of what Buhari had in stock for the country, I was convinced, so I drummed my support for him.”


Aki and Pawpaw

While in Abuja, Ibro said he delved into entrepreneurship, which has been paying his bills a lot more than acting.

Explaining his long absence from movies he said: “Yes, I stopped acting for some years because it was imperative for me to start something new, and it needed a lot of my time and dedication at that teething stage. That is why you haven’t seen me on locations lately. But I’m back for real now.”

Talking about piracy and how it has affected Nollywood, Ibro said: “Piracy has been adversely affecting the success of our films, so any clever actor should know that it is important to delve into other businesses for survival.

“But now that I’m back, you will definitely see a lot of my movies,” Ibro explained.

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