First and foremost I would like to emphatically make it clear that I don’t condone, support any form of rape what so ever. It is a very shameful and disgusting act that deserves severe punishment
I have come to realize that traumatic events have entirely different effects on different genders (and in my case different society).
Growing up I was an extremely shy boy who couldn’t even say Hi back when a girl says Hi to me. That was about to change. We had these neighbors, a family of 4 girls. They were so beautiful and fair in complexion ( they were from the South-South).  I had a huge crush on them which they all thought was cute and teased me about it with mock-fights amongst themselves on who was the ‘special one’. I was particularly fond of the eldest one and she adored me also. I always got special treatment from her which even her siblings were sometimes envious of….the little rewards I got for being a good boy. It was all innocent until the day she kissed me for passing my CommonEntrance exam and offered admission into 3 different schools.

I was on cloud 9 for weeks until I finally went to boarding house and came back on vacation.
Things weren’t the same between us again and she accused me of ‘changing towards her’. I tried to amend things by hanging out with her and taking stroles with her around the neighborhood where she boldly flaunted my as her boyfriend. I automatically became the Prince. All the. Egbons in the area started buying me gifts just to get her attention.
Yes, she was way older than me. I was just 11.
I started developing confidence and even girls my age began showing interest in me. When she noticed a girl flirting with me and my being oblivious she started teaching me how to deal with girls ‘Hands On’.
We ‘practiced’ a lot of things from smooching to giving head (both ways). We didn’t have actual intercourse until much later. By the time my mates were having their first kiss I was already far versed.
Everything ended when we moved away shaa!!!
My girlfriend says what my neighbor did was terrible as she believes it has turned me into a nymphomaniac. I on the other hand believe I owe everything I know today about pleasing a woman to her.
This whole argument started while we watched THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER and I criticized the effects such a thing had on the boy.
Was it RAPE since I was a conceding partner.

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Malbak Oscar

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