A lot of females today might have their reservations with being referred to as s*x symbols, but singer Victoria Kimani thinks otherwise.

Chcolate City artiste, Victoria Kimani

Chcolate City artiste, Victoria Kimani

The Show singer holds that the notion of observers and fans seeing her in this light doesn’t put any pressures whatsoever on her.

The Chocolate City artiste disclosed that “[she] doesn’t think it is a bad that she’s seen as a s*x symbol of sorts.

“You see, I am eccentric, slightly rebellious and love to express myself. I am a do-it-yourself type person, and given my independent nature I like to do things my way,” she added.

Her parents do not have any problem with her doing music. Growing up, they were more concerned with her grades than with whatever she did on the side, given the trust they had in her to never sway into wrong paths, she explained.

She also expressed delight in the current level of growth in the Nigerian music industry today, especially in comparison to other African nations.

Kimani believes that though Kenya is originally her home, the East Africans have nothing on Nigeria as far as the arts are concerned.


She also recounts how much her childhood memories are fond, as well as mixed with Nigerian nuances, given she lived some years in Benin City before leaving to school in the US.

The singer said: “It doesn’t matter what I do today. I know my roots and this is all just art. I never lose focus. I grew up in a typical African home and my parents are pastors which explains why the family moved into Nigeria in 1999. Of course, this is based on various ministerial duties that they had so I basically had a lot of travelling as a kid.

“On comparisons and debates on my reason for settling here since returning from the US, I think Nigeria is a great place. Africa is forever home but I’ll say it’s all for business reasons. I have nothing against Kenya, but Nigeria is the hub of Africa’s entertainment. It is like the Hollywood of African entertainment out here.”

Quite clear her reason for this, but what she refused to make any clearer is whether or not she is in a relationship at present.

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She tries to skip the question but upon further persuasion she answers: “I am single. It’ll surprise many people to know but I am not in a relationship because I live a disciplined life. That being said, I do have a thing for Nas.

“He is my male celebrity crush,” she ended.

Below are 10 pictures of the sultry Victoria Kimani:

Dbanj and Victoria Kimani hanging out.

Dbanj and Victoria Kimani hanging out.