On a movie set somewhere in Lagos, We caught up with afro pop artiste Sean Tizzle who showed that there is more to him than music. The singer is currently starring in an Iyabo Ojo produced movie, Astray (Isina).

He told reporters that it was his first appearance in any movie and a great experience which had inspired him to one to act in more movies. He also talked about how he came to be in the movie.


He said: “I went for the premiere of a movie some months back and I met Iyabo Ojo. We exchanged contacts. It was a great time and then afterwards she called me and was like ‘Yo! I have this role for you in a new movie I am doing’ and I was like, ‘Cool, I would love the opportunity’ so that’s how we got this started.”

He said the role pushed his creative side and brought out another version of him.

“It’s an interesting role and is a different thing from who Sean Tizzle is in real life. It is about me playing the role of a gigolo.” 

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In Astray, Iyabo Ojo plays Mofe, the wife of Sean’s character, while Tayo Sobola plays Dara, his mistress. However, Sean is trying  to convince Mofe ihat Dara is his aunt’s daughter.

On her role, Tayo said: “It has been cool working with the cast and crew. I am supposed to be his girlfriend whom he brought in to live with his wife. He tries to play smart by having two affairs so I drag him out of the room at nights to do what I want to do.”

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