In spite of the studio withholding critical screeners to avoid exactly this situation, it appears the first episode of Game of Thrones Season Six has leaked online ahead of its planned release tonight.

It’s likely that the leak came via a streaming service or cable on-demand service, which have been the source of similar leaks in recent years, including the season five midseason premiere of The Walking Dead.

An HD copy of the episode was made available by mistake for a few hours before being taken back down. According to The Telegraph, it isn’t clear whether it was HBO’s own on-demand service or a another source, but early reports blamed a Canadian streaming service. French subtitles on purported spoiler images on Reddit and Imgur may back up that notion.

Online services have been quick to remove the alleged bootleg from the internet, but spoilers abound on fan forums and social media, particularly Reddit. So if you’re looking forward to watching tonight, beware.

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