A glamour model who has seduced almost 1,000 men as a TV chat host has revealed a surprising secret about herself – she was born a man.
Holly Johansson has revealed how for the first 18 years of her life, she grew up as a boy called Kasper and began modelling.
But, in 2007 Holly, made a decision to start living as a woman and since then, Holly, now 26, claims booking have gone through the roof.
She even appeared on Playboy TV Chat under a false name for six-months and seduced nearly 1,000 men on televised se x chat phone lines – some of whom didn’t know she was born male.

 I only tell people that I’m a transsexual when I want to, or if a situation could develop into something more physical.
“There have been a few instances where I’ve assumed guys know I’m pre-op transsexual.
“I was getting close to one guy I met in a pool but then when we were back in my hotel room he realised that I still had my pe nis and screamed.
“He was na ked and I had just my underwear on, suddenly he started shouting because he couldn’t believe I was pre-op.
“Another time a guy ran off yelling and even left behind one of his shoes.”

Holly claims to have modelled for leading UK men’s magazines- all without disclosing that she’s a transsexual.
She also appeared on video se x chat lines on adult TV stations including Playboy TV Chat, the Red Light TV chain and Single TV.
She said:

 “I don’t always disclose that I’m a pre-op transsexual in modelling jobs because in the past I’ve had people turn me away once I’ve told them my secret.
“When I worked on the adult channels I tricked a lot of the guys and they didn’t know I was a transsexual when I was on the talking to them on the phones.
“The guys who called up would talk dirty things to me as if I was a woman, but I would never correct them. I didn’t want the fact that I’m transgender to ruin my modelling career so at times I’d just lie to them and they were none-the-wiser.”

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