A surgery-obsessed model who has spent more than $125,200 in her quest for physical perfection has now had permanent implants placed in her eyes to make them ‘cartoon green’.

Pixee Fox, 26, from North Carolina, hit headlines last year when she had six ribs removed as part of her dream to sculpt the ultimate hourglass figure.

Now the former electrician – who had already had a total of 18 cosmetic procedures – has spent a further $6000 on eye implants to further her ‘cartoon dream’.

Pixee, who had naturally blue eyes before, said:

‘This is something I have wanted since I was really young. I really wanted to have a different eye-colour

‘I first heard about this surgery three years ago and as soon as I heard about it I knew I had to have it. The colour I’ve gone for is sea green. It’s really extreme and something that you couldn’t have naturally.’‘It doesn’t worry me that it is permanent; that’s what I like about plastic surgery – the permanency of it.


’‘I thought I would be judged a lot more for my appearance but it has been the complete opposite and everyone has been really friendly and nice to me.’


. Two eye implants – $6000 (£4,100). Rib removal – $9,000 (£6,000)

. Four rhinoplasties – $19,000 (£12,600)

. Four breast augmentations – $40,000 (£26,500)

. Two liposuctions – $7,000 (£4,600)

. Two blepharoplasties – $8,000 (£5,300)

. One labiaplasty – $5,000 (£3,300)

. One brow lift – $3,200 (£2,200)

. One b lift – $12,000 (£8,000)

. Cool-sculpting – $1,000 (£660)

Cheek injections – $7,500 (£5,000)

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. Lip injections – $7,500 (£5,000)

Total = $125,200 (£84,000)


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