Wife of Nigerian Football Player and former Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria, MBGN, Adaeze Yobo, has in an Instagram post called her mother, Abigail Igwe, out for social media stalking.

One wouldn’t think these things happen within bloodlines too would we?

According to the ex MBGN, her mother never fails to comment on her children’s Insta posts, an action which has developed a creepy side.

She went on full blast as she posted;
”Dear mother, it’s quite creepy when you stalk me on every social media. Wetin you wan see? #shehasnopicsorvideos #evencreepier this is from all of us (since they too scared to speak up) @oby_igwe cant even post pics with guys in peace anymore. #motherthinksanyoneistheone she commented on my brothers post asking ‘who is she’? #abigailplixfaceyaworkeh ”

Someone please get an Instagram Police, We might be needing a a restriction order soon.

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