Fashion designer, Deola Sagoe, is no doubt, one of the best-looking 50-year-old women in the world! Photographer, TY Bello, shared some amazing photos of her from a recently-concluded photoshoot session.

See the lovely photos below;

Screen-Shot-2016-08-28-at-4.47.58-PM Screen-Shot-2016-08-28-at-4.46.53-PM

DEOLA SAGOE: THE SPIRIT OF FREEDOM My portraits of @deola_by_deolasagoe are on the cover of today’s @thisdaystyle . You should go out and get this one . Her interview is amazing . I remember telling her over the phone the images I had of her in my head . I described the movements and fringe details . This amazing woman just went ahead .. Sketched her interpretation of what I had described and produced some pieces for the shoot. More importantly she brought way more than the freedom and the spirit I had described. I can shout it from the mountaintop… Deola Sagoe is the most amazing subject a photographer can ask for . She connects so uniquely ..Her beauty runs deep and she’s understand what it means to be truly free. I still can’t believe this woman just turned 50. #tybellophotography #deolasagoe50 #pure #white #spirit #dance #portrait #freedom #beautiful #blackhair #shuku #makeup by meekness

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