Colombian beauty Sonia Morales has shown a woman can look even hotter after child birth .She took to instagram to show off her 8 week old post baby belly and it’s amazing how fast she lost all the baby weight ..(Pic below)

 “It must always pay off!!!! Its a shame how many time i was”warned” from different women “not to expect to see the same body after pregnancy ” like its a sin. Well,guess what .. Dont let lazy people discourage you. You can be a mom and look better then ever. You don’t need to settle for not feeling good in your skin . Im getting millions of messages and pictures of ladies showing me their post pregnancy bodies telling me I motivated them and you guys make my days.
Too many strong,beautiful,stunning women! Nobody and nothing can steal your shine away! I salute each of you !!! You motivate me as well!! Dont let anyone make you feel like your are not in control of any segment of your life. People that are too lazy to make changes in their lives will make you feel like there is nothing you can do to improve your life and if you dare to do so they will try to bring you down like being a mom isn’t a blessing but an excuse to give up on yourself. Dont let people that never tried convince you that is not possible !!!!

This IS NOT ABOUT SO CALLED BEAUTY STANDARDS,this is about challenging yourself to get the best out of you and to take your life into your hands! Feeling is priceless! Whatever is that you want,GO GET IT NOW!! You owe yourself that much!!! #8weeksPostPartum”


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