Gigi Hadid Suffers ”Unfortunate” Nip Slip When Her Entire B**b Made a Surprise Appearance at Fashion Week

Apparently, Gigi Hadid‘s boob was getting a little jealous of all the celeb’s camera time.Now, let’s be real, the supermodel’s breasts are no strangers to us. We’ve seen Gigi’s under boob, side boob, upper boob (that’s just regular cleavage, guys) and even full boob, but when her breast decided to make a surprise appearance during her runway strut earlier today, we couldn’t help but find ourselves a little speechless.

Unfortunately, Hadid is the latest celeb to suffer a major wardrobe malfunction, and to make it worse, it happened when she walked the Versace show during Milan Fashion Week Friday. Wearing a slinky black, one-shoulder dress, Gigi was doing her fierce strut when her right bare breast decided to break free and completely expose itself to the crowd and cameras.

Many may have shrieked in horror while trying to cover up, but not this pro. She continued to step with conviction and didn’t seem to show any sign of care or worry that she was flashing a crowd. Plus, it’s fashion week—a bare boob could easily be part of the look.Designer Donatella Versace didn’t seem to be bothered by what happened during her Fall/Winter 2016/2017 presentation, and even appeared to praise Gigi’s response to the circumstance by giving her a high-five.

Gigi addressed what happened with her Twitter followers, calling the experience “unfortunate,” and hilariously tried to change everyone’s focus on to something else:

Oh, look at that. She was wearing a choker, too.
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