Comedian and actress Helen Paul has revealed that she initially didn’t think of becoming an entertainer professionally. 

In an interview with Daily Times, the actress and singer said she fell in love with entertainment at a tender age even though she had dreams of becoming a lawyer, a medical doctor or a journalist.

She said: “Growing up, I never saw myself as a comedian. Although I fell in love with entertainment quite early in life, I had plans of practising a more serious vocation, particularly Law. I told myself that the worst scenario was that I might act in a few movies. I didn’t even think that I could be a full blown actress. Back then, I used to entertain some of my peers within the neighborhood. We used to play together just like most kids do and also, each one of us would try to do stuff to make other people laugh. It could range from telling jokes or an interesting story, to singing or acting. It was just fun. I usually came out tops with my antics.”

The Edo state indigene also recounts how she developed her skills at the University of Lagos from performing at campus events and the likes.

“Fast forward to many years later and those antics started becoming professional when I performed on stage as a comedian at an event in the University of Lagos, where I was a student. It was an impromptu performance as I was literally pushed on stage by some of my friends that I had cracked up with jokes in our hostels and classrooms. From there, I got more invitations and thanks to God, things have been looking up since then,” she said.

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The mother of two also talked about having a fun life growing up and the many times she got punishments for being mischievous.

She said: “It was a mix of fun and harsh realities! I was naughty quite alright – I used to sneak through the back door to play when I ought to do my homework. But then I had a mom and a grandma that were tough as nails! I lived mostly with my grandma and she was equal to the task. She devised all sorts of punishments to instill discipline in me. I learnt early enough that you can’t always have what you want even when it seems so attractive to you. These elders have been there and done that, so most times they speak and warn from hindsight. I had plenty of fun though. I played with so many friends and I was loved by many. I had a lot of people who wanted to be my uncles, aunties, etc. They were all interested in this small but naughty girl who was always so full of life. Some of them are now popular actors and actresses that usually grace our screens today. Being acquainted with them at such an early age, it was as if God was preparing me for the journey ahead.”

Helen also stated that she relies on wisdom from God as well as working with visionaries in order to keep her career soaring.

The Theatre Arts graduate from the University of Lagos is married with kids. In addition, she runs a fashion store and film academy.

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