Dr. Dre has been slapped with a lawsuit by his housekeeper for paying her $1,870 per week.

The housekeeper identified as Raquel Sagustume filed the law suit in Los Angeles over claims that she was a victim of harassment and bullying by other household staff and Dr Dre didn’t do anything about it.

The other household staff, who are her female cousins, felt threatened by her skill level and unfairly delegated their own work to her, causing her physical strain and injury, she claimed.

The housekeeper further alleged she suffered “burning pain” in her neck, arms and back and eventually developed so much anxiety in the toxic work environment and at a point she stopped breathing and was rushed to a hospital.

Sagustume says she was fired while she was still in the hospital for the panic attack.

She also claims she wasn’t paid properly for overtime, missed meals and vacation and she continues to suffer from anxiety, depression and stress so she wants punitive damages.

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