Fast rising Nigerian music artist Cynthia Morgan, who recently came under fire from fans and Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma over the photo shoot for the cover art of her single, in an interview where explained why she decided on the theme for the shoot which featured her smoking what appeared to be a cigar while carrying a baby. She also talked about the single, Baby Mama.


The pictures that earned Cynthia Morgan loads of criticism.

Tell us about the photos that earned you a lot of ire.

It is a single art cover. So many people have their own opinion about something because we see things differently. For me, I was only trying to pass across a message to my generation and to the younger generation as well, but in that process a lot of people got it wrong and others got it right. I am an artist and it is my duty to pass across different messages either positive or negative.

What exact message were you trying to pass across?

There are so many people out there who think teenage pregnancy or giving birth at a young age out of wedlock is a cool thing without people knowing what it takes to be a single mother or parent.

What gave you the inspiration?

While growing up, I never knew my Dad, not until I was seven years old, and I knew what effect it had on me psychologically. Only few children like me would come out normal because so many people will use this as a yard stick to become wayward and at the end of the day end up being single parents. The rate at which this trend is going even celebrities are falling victims so, I decide to do a song titled Baby Mama. Before dropping my single I wanted to do something that would get everyone’s attention so I came up with the photo shoot. Nigerians only saw the side of me smoking and carrying a baby but did not know that I was playing a double character. The first character was Cynthia, who carried the baby properly while the other was Rita, who has a baby at a young age and still continued living her life. I am an artist and I possess 100 per cent creativity which makes my new single Baby Mama a campaign for young ladies. Now people tag me on Instagram saying: ‘My friend got married she is a wifey not a baby mama’, which makes me happy.

How did you feel being lambasted in the media and by fans and fellow celebrities?

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For me they are ones who don’t understand. They have their own opinion. I just think that if you see something like that take your time to study it. It’s only an insane person that will carry a smoke and carry a baby see it as swag and put it out as picture, when he or she is not trying to pass a message across. It is like acting a movie of you being a bad mother you are playing a role and trying to pass a message to different generations. If you call yourself an actress and can’t depict what artists are putting across, then you cannot even wait to see what this person is up to. At the end of the day I’m an artist and its part of my job as there are going to be a lot of critics and these critics will help take your work far.

When are you releasing the video for the song?

It’s an exclusive. I’m just going to keep that to myself but just expect more of letting people be aware of what my next move will be. Being a baby mama and not understanding that you are bringing kids into this life because they are very vulnerable. It’s what they see when they are young that sticks to their head. Like my grandma always said you can hurt an adult, he will forget but you can’t hurt a small child and that child will forget it. It is whatever you plant in them now that they will take with them. There are some people that treat girls very rudely; they must have taken it from their dad. They must have seen how their dad was treating their mum. There are some women that cannot love because they saw how their mum was being treated by their dad. I know because I’m a victim of that. You keep reflecting back to what your mum went through. You just have to let this young people be aware of what is going on around them.

When is your album dropping?

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I’m working on my album and will drop it by the first quarter of next year.

Who are you collaborating with?

I’m collaborating with a lot of people; definitely P Square, Tuface, Burna Boy and a whole lot of people on the list.

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