The bitch Series #28

People don’t just hate because they want to, they hate because they don’t understand. In simple and direct words – they hate what they don’t understand – Anonymous.

“Her eyes, her eyes – makes the stars look like they’re not shinning/ her hair, her hair – falls perfectly without her trying/ she’s so beautiful, and I tell her everyday/ I know, I know – when I complement her, she won’t believe me/ and its so, it’s so – sad to think that she don’t see what I see/ but every time she ask me, do I look okay? I’ll say…” Were the lyrics of Bruno Mars – Just the way you are that Jummy murmured to herself as she left the bedroom to join John in the sitting room.

She expected John to turn and look at her while she stood at the entrance but he didn’t, he was already busy with the brandy, for a second, Jummy regretted offering him the drinks before going to change, but then again, it wasn’t such a bad idea, she thought.

She had to walk to his front before he actually saw her.

From John point of view, he just stared at the most beautiful and curvy woman in the whole wide world. Jummy was wearing a pink see through gown that was just slightly above her kneels, and to top it, she wore only a pair of sparkling white panties under it, so John could see her huge cups and the protruding black nipples which stood at attention just at the front of the cups.

John had severally pictured Jummy naked mentally and the pictures hadn’t been a nice one. Jummy was chubby, she had a lot of flesh and was pretty huge, so he had expected a stomach filled with stretch marks and sagging boobs, not like that mattered much to him though, but well, that was just his thoughts.

After a long minute of dead silence – if a pin had dropped, the sound would have been heard, Jummy finally spoke. “Hello John,” she tried to sound as seductive as she could, slowly pronouncing the name.

John looked down at the bulge down low and sighed, he didn’t even know he had gotten erect.

“Hello Jummy,” John replied in a failed attempt of sounding seductive.

Jummy smiled, and walked closer to John, she took the half-filled glass of brandy from his hand, “let’s keep this aside for a while,” she said, and dropped the glass on the table beside the couch.

She sat on his laps, facing him and before John could say John Mikel Obi, Jummy leaned over and kissed him lightly, then quickly disengaged from his lips, she waited to see what would happen next.

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As expected, John leaned towards her, and kissed her, and this time Jummy responded by kissing back, for several minutes they kissed each other.

As the kissed, John suddenly placed his hands on Jummy’s waist and slowly moved it upwards till he got to the cups, they were too big for his hands to hold so he expertly grabbed them from under and squeezed upward, Jummy moaned inaudibly and John knew he was doing pretty well.

He kissed her harder to suppress the moan and he squeezed harder, Jummy couldn’t hold it anymore so she stopped him and stood up, in one quick movement, she removed the gown… Lo and Behold, the twin towers were let loose.

She bent over and grabbed John’s hand as he stared sheepishly with his mouth wide open, she cat walked to the bedroom while literally dragging him right behind her.

As she walked into the bed room, she pushed him down on the bed and bent over to un-buckle his jeans, she must have had a lot of experience in removing guys jeans because it took her nothing less than five seconds to remove the jeans and throw it on the TV set which hung at the southern wall, she grabbed his dick through the boxers and wanked it, then without removing it she crawled upward and kissed him again, she moved to his ear and bit it slightly, John moaned, he had no idea biting of the ear could give such pleasure.

He voluntarily removed his shirt and left just the boxers.

Jummy was loving where this was heading and was super horny, as she kissed him, she let her free hand wander downwards to the boxer and just when she was about to slide her hands into it…

“Wait!” John suddenly said.
Jummy paused and gave him an inquiring look.

John sighed and shrugged, he pushed lightly her off his body and sat upright on the bed, “we can’t do this,” he said.

“Why not? I want it, you want it so what’s all the fuss about?” Jummy asked getting really confused, or was it sad? She didn’t know exactly how she felt.

“I love you too much Jummy, I’ll prefer if we get married before we do anything.” John said.

Jummy was shocked at John’s reply, in a good way. Jummy couldn’t believe her luck, John was romantic, rich, funny, a Christian and now he just proved how much respect he had for her?

She sat up right beside John and pecked him, “I love you too.”

John turned to look at her in the eyes, and Jummy assumed he was about to say something romantic, “And please don’t do this again, I might not be able to resist you twice.” He said and they both laughed out loud.

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It was a nice night for Jummy and she didn’t want to spoil it so she settled for dropping a letter be she left for China the next day and apologise over the phone, he would definitely forgive her, or so she thought.

* * * **

Cristiano Ronaldo ran so fast that Usain Bolt would have felt threatened, he had just received a perfect through ball from Xabi Alnoso and he was in a great position to score, but he just had to beat Puyol, Pique and Victor Valdes who were the last line of defence. Puyol saw Ronaldo coming and quickly ran forward to stop him before he entered the box 18, Ronaldo saw him and just as Puyol was about to slide, he executed the perfect snake bite technique and gave Puyol enough space to fall down on the floor. The Madrid fans in the stands roared at this as they could smell a goal. Just Pique and Valdes to beat, Ronaldo pressed forward, Pique was wise not to plunge forward so he stood his grounds and let Ronaldo run to him, that was his mistake. Ronaldo counted the “leg over” move the first time, Pique still stood, he counted same move the second time, Pique still stood and as he counted it the third time, he added a little “cutting” and ran past Pique who still stood, the fans bursted out in laughter as Pique stood marvelled and wondering where Ronaldo passed, the naughty cameramen focused the camera at Shakira who stood at the stands laughing at her husband, but quickly composed herself as she saw the camera was on her. Ronaldo had just beat Valdes this time, without thinking much about it, he kicked the ball to the far end of the post where he knew it would take a magic trick to save Valdes, Valdes knew this and didn’t even bother diving for the ball… AND IT’S A GOAL!!! The commentator screamed as the whole stadium went wild with Madrid fans jumping and screaming in joy.

Zainab switched off the station and went straight to the bathroom. It was Tuesday morning and she had to prepare for work, she had purposely woken up early so as to watch a little sport before she prepared for work, she knew she was going to be directing a lot of sporting shows and decided it would be best if she started liking

sports and what better way that to watch a classical match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, she knew if that wasn’t enough for her to get her interest in football, nothing else will… The good news was that she was impressed by the drama that came with football and decided to start watching more matches.

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In no time, she was dressed and on her way to work.

She got to work and just as the previous day, Michael the intern handed her the file which contained her To-Do list for the day. She gracefully took it and walked to her office, she dropped her hand bag on the desk and immediately started going through the file.

She picked up the green sheets and saw she had a soap opera to direct in few minutes time, she quickly went through the plot and headed to Studio C where the shot was taking place.

She wasn’t so bothered this time because she herself was an actress who had starred in many movies and soap operas, so she knew one or two things about acting, likewise directing.

She opened the door of the studio and walked straight in, she was confronted with a huge room filled with people and a green stage up front. Pieces of armours and swords were littered all over the place and shirt-less actors paraded the room, trying to memorise their lines, some were practising how to fight with a blunt swords. It seemed like a gladiator Roman Empire movie. And it was apparently going to be the first from Nigeria, “Nice,” Zainab sighed in approval.

She picked up a public address system, “hello everyone.”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at Zainab who was already standing on a podium.

“I’m Zainab Anderson and I’m the new overall director, please who is in charge here?” She asked.

One of the actors who was wearing an armour and practising how to swing a sword turned over to Zainab and removed the helmet, “I am in…” He wanted to say but paused in shock as he saw who asked.

Zainab was surprised as well, and paused for a bit, she didn’t want to cause a scene so she quickly spoke up, “okay, good. Can I speak with you?” She asked.

“Ye… Yeah, sure.” He stuttered. He dropped the sword and helmet on the table that was nearby and screamed “everyone please continue what you were doing,” he walked toward Zainab.

“Zainab, what are you doing here?” He asked as he got close to her.

“I should be asking you that. Is this a coincidence or is it your way of making sure I don’t run before our supposed date this weekend? I still recall you threatened to kidnap me.” Zainab asked with a grin, a confused grin.

It was Henry.

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