Here are collections of funny and beautiful wedding pictures that went viral. I can’t stop lolz…

1. This Pic at Ikoyi Registry

This Pic at Ikoyi Registry

We all know what’s going on here, all na part of the Lagos hustle, afterall, the woman is just 71. They could have both smiled to make it look more real.

2. Flying Dragon Kiss

Flying Dragon Kiss

I don’t even know what to make of this. Is it the photographer’s idea or were they too excited. Can anyone help us analyse this

3. Its Young Jing The Wicked Photographer

Its Young Jing The Wicked Photographer

This could also happen when your photographer just finished smoking dry weed.

4. When you have effizzi

When you have effizzi

but you don’t have money

5. When he’s in the “Diaspora” *In Falz Voice

When he's in the "Diaspora" *In Falz Voice

but the pastor insists there must be a ceremony.


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