Over 3000 fans trooped out to witness a Kim kardashian makeup session and as you can guess, It is neither free nor cheap.

They were all trying to look like her, with their fake tans, fake eyelashes, fake hair. This was their chance — the hundreds of young women who had traveled from Ecuador, Sweden, Abu Dhabi — to see Kim Kardashian, take a selfie with her, impress her: Kim Kardashian.

Some of her fans had shelled out thousands of dollars to be in Pasadena, where the 34-year-old and one of her favorite makeup artists, Mario Dedivanovic, were putting on a master class Saturday to reveal how the reality star attains her sought-after look. The cheapest tickets went for $299.99, but the most coveted seats sold for $999.99 and came with platinum wristbands, which promised guests a pricey gift bag and a picture with Kardashian and Dedivanovic.

The sold-out event went down yesterday and a crowd of people paid to watch as Mario made her up for 4 1/2 hours. To prove just how successful the event was, Kim Kardashian shared a photo which showed that the 3,000 seat capacity event centre – the Pasadena Civic Center – was filled to the brim with participants while people stood in ventilation vents to see the event.

Kardashian was bare-faced when she emerged on stage Saturday, dressed in a tight-fitting black maxi dress that accentuated her growing abdomen. (She recently announced she is expecting her second child, a boy, with husband Kanye West.)

After Kardashian’s look was finally completed, an assistant rushed over to hand her a digital camera so she could take a selfie of the final transformation.

And then came the most important question of all:

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“Kim,” a woman shouted from the audience, “what camera is that? Will it make me look like you and take selfies like you? Oh i love you kim. I want to be Kim for a second oh God ! she broke down in tears”

Kim answered

“It is discontinued,”  “I need to ask them to make it again. This is how it makes all of [my] pictures so flawless.”

And the madness ended. Everybody went home happy.

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