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We all know ‘LOVE’ is a very complicated word, it comes when we least expect it and we find ourselves loving the very person we never thought we could love.

So in line with that, I in particular have been through a lot of memorable experience with this ‘love’ thing we all talk about, so this story is just a medium I’m using to share my experience.

You may want to ask ‘is this a true or fictional story?’ well, I’ll let you decide what you want to believe *winks*, after all, as the saying goes.. .’No be my mouth you go hear say Beyonce dey shît too’.

So you could drop comments, like updates, and you could also advice on how i’ll improve but the basic idea is just to read and just have fun.

So here it goes!!….


Hi!, my name is Michael but you may as well call me mike if you are a guy or mikey if you are female *winks*, anyway am based in Lagos and I school at the university of Port Harcourt, Nigeria AKA ‘UNIPORT’ where I study ‘managements’ under the faculty of management, weird right? Don’t mind the confused people that named the departments.

Anyway I hail from the Big Heart of the nation, Delta state, as for my age…. well you would know that in due time.

Let me state this now and clearly ‘I AM NOT A PLAYER’, but, I’ve lost count of girls I’ve dated(not like I was even counting), I’m just looking for my Miss Right, you know na, that one girl you meet and you can’t picture your life with any other girl, that girl you actually dream and not those you lie to about dreaming of them, you know that girl that even if she strips naked and tell you to do whatever you will, you would refuse not because you are gay but because you love her to a fault and of course, she too would feel the same about you.

But my dilemma is my Miss Right seems far fetched.

So basically, this story is just a well detailed summary of my adventures in my really tedious search for ‘Miss Right’.

Trust me when I say it’s been a really funny adventure and I’ve dated them all, the cute, ugly, fat, slim, ugly, possessive, ‘i no send you if you no send me type’, the honest, the churchy type, the sex freak, in short, just name it and I’ve dated it or something similar at least.

I’ll try my best to keep you guys posted, and update once daily, so buckle up because you are in for a fun filled ride into the world of a Lasgidi/ Port Harcourt breed PLAY BOY… oops!! Did I just call myself a play boy?? Ermm…well it’s just what I’ll like to call a slip of hand *winks*.

And lest I forget, expect a  lot of suspense, comedy and don’t say you weren’t warned.

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  1. I have the similar problems for over the last one year now .that i been finding the lastiing solutions
    to it . The problem of small penis and ejaculations was too very .bad.
    i blieve too much of thinking also contribute to the

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