A fan of sort pens an open book to Chris Brown. A tell-all, at that. This being someone who’s never meet or come face to face with the artist. She has embarked on telling his story along with hers in great details.

The book begins with her own story and relationship challenges with a young African guy, in their early/mid twenties at the time. Tough decisions laid ahead as it pertained to matters of the heart . With fears and doubt creeping in, a young Chris Brown showed her why this was not going to be the exclusive, long and lasting love story she may be wishing for.

Regrouping after the heartbreak and God gave her a vision which put her mind at ease. With her biological father in mind, her faith in God and her believe in love she decided to move on forward.

A strong feeling of dread and confusion flooded in after the February 2009 altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna. Up until this point Chris was the ideal man in her eyes by all account. This was two years on from seeing a beautifully framed picture to seeing that image come crashing down to the ground. It was heart break again but this time she was stuck, completely stuck. Sleepless nights followed. Watching things unfold from the outside she had to decide if there is no hope here and to distance herself completely.

She decided that she could not look at all the reasons why God was a lie but, all the reasons why he wasn’t. Let’s just say no one was speared and no stone was unturned.

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Small instances, female intuition, dreams, visions and some detective work (haha…) helped mould her OWN account of events aside from the public opinions or media presentation. You get a truthful account as; best as one can in such a situation. The good, bad and ugly is shown. The whole working out is shown and even the crossed out mistake is explained.

This book speaks more directly to Chris Brown on a spiritual and personal level from someone who has an objective opinion and is trying to answer the many questions that remained unanswered.

She can conclude from the facts that he was at fault but it’s not all his fault.

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