Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo are not in good terms as they used to be before the #DumsorMustStop vigil.

Yvonne Nelson days before the vigil said John Dumelo is an individual who likes kissing a*s. This statement by the actress did not go down well with her fellow actor which has resulted into something bad. Yvonne Nelson during an interview with Pulse said John Dumelo no more picks her calls. She described the actor’s act as childish.

John Dumelo who is not happy about this happening had some few things to say about the actress and it was made through twitter. John Dumelo on Friday tweeted:

“It’s just amazing how some people want to look good in the public eye and make others look like they are the the bad ones….smh

I would never go on social media and insult any colleague of mine let alone insult a good friend all in the name of looking good in public.

Then behind the scenes U keep calling me on my phone…for what if I may ask? To insult me the more? Or to ridicule me infront of everyone?

U called me a kiss ass…that’s cool. Maybe it’s better to kiss ass than to keep friends who will stab me in the back.

I’ve kept mute for weeks now but Charle E dey bore. When your paddy paaaa wey U den am dey do things together insult U for public. God dey.

I hear our pictures have been deleted from isgrm. Why do U just go ahead and block me just like U block fans for speaking their mind.”

We hope these two can settle their issue in private.

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