So after Kanye West released his song ‘Famous’, Taylor Swift ‘hit the roof’ saying she never gave Kanye West permission to use the lyrics that involved her, calling it “misogynistic.”..especially the part where he said he’d like to f*ck her and that he made her famous. Claiming that releasing the song with those lyrics was illegal.

Well, Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian was upset by the accusation and defended her husband by saying Taylor Swift was lying and that Taylor had given her husband permission to release the song.

Kim Kardashian posted the audio conversation Kanye West secretly recorded with Taylor Swift on her Snapchat. in which he read some of the lyrics of “Famous” to Taylor, in particular having s*x with her. Taylor Swift heard it, seemed to like it and said it was a “compliment.”

Watch the video below…





Kim responded to her fans with the tweets below…

After she released the video, the Internet went wild. A lot of Internet users went on Taylor Swift’s IG and twitter pages to call her a liar and several other ugly names.

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