Twitter relentlessly dragged single mom Christina Milian for uploading an Instagram video of her 5-year-old daughter Violet Nash applying makeup.

If people weren’t so quick to criticize a celebs, they would have noticed that Violet’s makeup was already applied — by someone else.

The little girl was just having fun doing what kids do when the camera’s spotlight is turned on them.

The same people who dragged Christina Milian for posting a video of her daughter having fun are the same ones who don’t know where there own minor daughters are.

This is the start of the video. Notice Violet’s face is already made up?

Common sense, people.

Notice Violet’s eyelashes are already done?

Violet’s eyeshadow is already applied by the time this scene is shown. Look how she’s holding the brush.


In every scene her makeup stays the same until the end of the video.

Only a fool would believe a 5-year-old is capable of this level of expertise.

Do better, people!

This latest controversy proves there isn’t a lot of common sense on social media.

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