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Nollywood Actress Bares Breast in New Movie, Claims She Is A Devout Christian

A few weeks after photos of bare-breasted actresses from the set of an epic movie,hit the internet upcoming actresses Peace Maria Francis has defended their act, saying it was all about the profession.
In an exclusive interview with Nollywood Insider ,Peace, who hails from Akwa Ibom state appealed to her fans and movie enthusiasts

“Show me love and appreciation, and not condemnation. This is about my profession and I want to express myself better as it should be done, in my acting career.”“My manager got it for me. He told me about the job and I agreed to take part in it. I wasn’t forced to do it.

It is all because I wanted to use it to tell the real story of what happened back then in our country, Nigeria. It is also in a bid to tell our younger ones how we started back then, and the only way to do that, is to express it in a professional manner. That is what I am in the industry to do; tell people the real story and interpret such roles very well, for their better understanding and enjoyment.”” As a professional actor I do take risk. For I take enormous pride when people call me an actor. This means and shows how serious I take my job. It is a sign of the sacrifice and effort I put in it to make my acts have some sense of reality, while sending good messages to our people, “

She continued

“I am a Christian, for crying out loud. I fear God and worship him as best as I can. But would that stop me from doing my job? I think that shouldn’t.Some ask how much I was paid to expose my body like that. Others want to know ask why I did it. They say I am desperate and a paid prostitute.


 All I want them to know is that I am just a good actor, who takes her job with the seriousness it deserves. I only played the character given to me and interpret the role well. I’m not here for fame or money. I really love my job. I do it professionally. I went into acting because I love it. That’s the only thing I do that gives me joy. I am here to make a difference. It’s about my passion.”

She summed it up, saying,

“Let the world know that it is not easy for anyone to come out and change his or her identity, in order to make films look real. The world should be more supportive than criticising us.
They always want Nollywood to give them good movies but if there are no good actors, there would be no good movie. Why are Nigerians not watching Nollywood movies again and prefer Mexican and Hollywood films? Is it not because they are tired of what we act and produce? Yes. They feel we are lacking behind. This is what we are trying to correct and save our dying film industry. Here, I promise my fans, that I would not disappoint them. It is not about S*X but good acting.”

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  1. my dear ur argument is dumb. there is a big difference b/w a movie star & porn star. Don’t bring shame to ur state.

  2. well am speechless well it’s all about determination yeah it is u determine of what u wanna become Oh my gosh people can’t stop u from being what u ever wanted, only ur husband and family has the right to tell u what to do or caution u
    well as for me nollywood is the place I have been dreaming about
    I wish all my dreams come true
    I wish I could get access to there
    I love acting with all my heart all my belongings I love acting
    I wanna be a professional actor
    but my daddy warned me never to register in any theatre until am done with my studies
    what do I do am confuse??

  3. anyone who is better of than her should cast the stone first, most of you are worst than her yet still criticising. gosh! Nigerians.girl keep on the good work, it’s a great profession you have chosen.

  4. it’s her life… she’s no longer a kid. she knows what right and wrong… its just her choice… so leave her to decisions

  5. my question to you, is it permissible to a Christian woman to open her body to anyone she like in the name of work


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