Lamar Odom is pissed off with Khloe Kardashian and is reportedly ready to go public with his side of the story.
The cordial relationship between the couple, who split in 2013 after four years of marriage,changed this week, after he was portrayed as having  verbally attacked her.He has since denied that.
Now insiders have claimed the incident has been the final straw for Odom and he’s ready to sign a multi-million dollar deal to spill everything in a tell-all interview.According to RadarOnline Lamar will talk about his personal struggle, the break down of his marriage and his famous in-laws.

“He’s got mega-million-dollar offers to do his autobiography and requests for TV interviews with Oprah and Matt Lauer,”“
He’s got a lot of explaining to do about his activities in the lead-up to their split, but he’s also really hurt at the way the entire family has used him to further their fame,“Lamar’s angry that they’ve cast him aside after using him up and he wants revenge.”

However, Khloe is pretty smart and got Odom to sign an agreement not to reveal the juicy details of what went down in their four year marriage.

“He signed a Kardashian confidentiality agreement, so even if he wants to talk, it’s never going to be easy,” they

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