Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have refused to comment about claims made by Alexis Arquette that the two are gay, but the transgender actress is getting a mouthful about her allegations from one unlikely source – Will’s ex-wife.

Transgender actress Alexis Arquette lashed out at Will and Jada Pinkett Smith in a Facebook post the day after Jada said she was boycotting the Oscars calling them gay hypocrites.

And in reply, Sheree Fletcher posted a four-minute video to Facebook on Thursday tearing apart Alexis’ claims that Will is gay and their marriage ended after Sheree caught him in bed with high-
powered Hollywood manager Benny Medina, calling her ‘malicious and reckless and destructive.’

Sheree also shames Alexis for the ‘damage’ her story could have caused to their family, including her son with Will, 23-year-old Trey; and Will and Jada’s two children, 17-year-old Jaden and 15-year-old Willow.

And, to be very clear about Will’s sexuality, she tells Alexis in the video;

‘Will was straight in 1992 and he’s straight in 2016.

Alexis Arquette, let’s just be clear: I don’t know you and you don’t know me. So for you to claim you have firsthand knowledge information as to why my marriage didn’t work out is completely out of line.

Not only is it out of line, it’s absolutely not true. And I’m offended and I’m hurt that someone would be so malicious and reckless and destructive and use a lie and an untruth to prove a point.’

She then reveals after 20 years why the pair decided to split in 1995 after three years of marriage, informing Alexis it was not because of ‘infidelity’ but rather because she was ‘unhappy.’

‘I didn’t find Will in bed with a man, I didn’t find him in bed with a woman. I’ve never been paid to be silent.

I know Will has a lot of money, but Will does not have enough money to take my voice away from me – to deprive me of my story. That wouldn’t happen.

Check your facts – try to actually have some facts – before you start putting untruths out there that can really damage people and damage family.’

Sheree’s reply seems to have silenced the transgender actress, who has yet to comment on the video.

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Sheree coming to the defense of her husband is no real surprise, not just because the pair share a son, but also because they have remained remarkably close over the years.

She also has a strong relationship with Jada and her two children with Will, and frequently posts red carpet photos of the family on her social media account while also attending family events and celebrations with the clan.

She was remarried in 2007 to former NFL star Terrell Fletcher but the pair split in 2014 after seven years of marriage.

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