Big Brother Africa (BBA) – The Chase star Beverly Osu, whose nude pictures recently surfaced online, in an exclusive interview, explained why she posted the pictures. The model cum actress also spoke on her new book “Book of Pose“, competition with Kim Kardashian and her pet project.

Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu

Why did you post those nude photos?

It is my own way of teaching upcoming models how to be comfortable with their body because I got into modeling by being a lingerie model. Actually, I forced myself to be a lingerie model because I never liked being a runway model. Before, I was a size 14 but due to what I wanted to become, I had to shed the weight. Basically, I want to teach people to be comfortable in their own skin. People think I expose too much but I think it’s just my skin, you did not see anything.

There were some who felt you were taking a page from Kim Kardashian with regards to her book, Selfie. 

One thing people need to get clear is that I am a model and Kim is a social celebrity (sic). My “Book of Pose”, is what I believe anybody can do. If you say I was imitating Tyra Banks, I would say yes but definitely not Kim.

Since Big Brother Africa, what have you been up to?

For a while now, I have been into movies, going from one location to another. Also, I am starting my own NGO, which would be looking to support those living in slums. I am going to focus on how I can upgrade them.

How do you plan on funding your NGO?

The project started in March but the first seminar will take place later this year, in Port Harcourt. I still look forward to getting bigger sponsors but for now, I have support from Laura Shoes and people have started donating different items.

Why the focus on slums?

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While on a movie set in Ajah, I saw some young guys filling a canoe with sand. So I approached them, seeking to know how much they get paid for the job. Surprisingly, one of them said, “N500.” Immediately, I said to myself: “Damn, people are suffering.” After my movie shoot, my project manager told me, “Let’s do something with the slum.” So we decided to start from Port Harcourt and by the grace of God, we will touch lives in every part of the country.

What other business are you into?

I have a small company called Abyssinia, it is the former name of Ethiopia. It is a joint business between me and ex-BBA housemate, Bimp (Beamlak Tsefaye Haille). We are into oil and gas and also supply diesel, which is very stressful because I am hardly ever around, but we thank God.

Beverly's nude pose

Beverly’s nude pose


Let’s go back to the NGO, would you claim you grew up in the slums, like some celebrities are wont to do?

I didn’t grow up in the slums, rather I grew up in Sululere, from Aguda to Ojuelegba, and I have always been comfortable with my life. I attended beautiful schools and had friends who lived in mansions. But I have never discriminated against anything or anybody in my life.

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