Self-acclaimed Musical Taliban, Oritsefemi, has broken his silence over the viral news that his landlord has ejected him from his multi-million naira mansion in Lekki, Lagos.
It was widely reported online and social media that popular Nigerian musician and self-acclaimed Musical Taliban, Oritsefemi, announced to the public in 2014 that he had moved into a N200 million mansion in the posh Lekki area of Lagos.
As expected, his fans were happy to receive the news as many said it was the beginning of many more good things to come in his life as they thought the property was his since that year, he was all over the country performing his songs at elite events.
Few weeks ago,  news made rounds online and on social media that the singer was facing ejection from the said apartment. It was alleged that Oritsefemi’s landlord had threatened to throw him out from his property and vowed to effect the quit notice by the end of May after he had failed to pay the rent which was due some months ago.
In a telephone conversation with The Punch, the singer said there was no iota of truth in the story as he was calling from the house. He told Saturday Beats that he had no problem with his landlord while claiming they are‘Five and Six’.
“There is no iota of truth in the story and I was never threatened with ejection letter from my landlord. I don’t know where the story emanated from but it is a blatant lie. I went for my Europe tour and I returned about a week ago only to see this news all over blogs. I toured about 13 countries. 
“I am inside my house as we speak on the phone. My landlord and I are like 5 and 6, we are very close. The news is totally false. I don’t have any issues with my landlord, in fact, he was surprised that I had not called him in a while and I told him I went for my Europe tour. The man is a high ranking police officer.
“I just got back from my tour and I have enough money, I cannot be broke. The tour was successful and everywhere was sold out. All our shows were sold out, so I cannot be unfortunate to be that broke. As I got back to Nigeria, I began work because I was booked at different gigs,” he said.
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