Mayu Tomita, a Japanese pop star has been stabbed more than 20 times by a crazed fan who ‘lost his temper’ after she returned a watch he had sent her as a gift.
Tomita is fighting for her life after being wounded in the neck and chest dozens of times.
The 20-year-old was about to go on stage at a concert in Koganei, a city in Tokyo, when Tomohiro Iwazaki attacked her on Saturday.
Tomohiro Iwazaki
The Daily Mirror reports that the 27-year-old told police he lost his temper with the singer because she returned a watch he had previously sent her.
He was arrested after being found at the scene holding a bloody knife.
Miss Tomita remains in hospital where, according to Japanese media, she is yet to regain consciousness.
She is understood to be a star of Japanese children’s television and among popular J-Pop artists – a genre of music in the region.
Weeks earlier she reportedly told police she was afraid for her safety after being harassed by the man online
Iwazaki is said to have sent her a barrage of abuse on Twitter and to her blog, in some posts reportedly threatening violence.
This is where the singer was attacked
Police sources said the man told them he lost his temper when she did not ‘give him a straight answer’.
‘I ambushed her and asked her (about the gift),’ he said, The Japan Times reports. 
‘I lost my temper and stabbed her many times because she didn’t clearly answer.’ 
He is expected to be re-arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after an initially being arrested for assault.
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