Rihanna’s ex-publicist has finally come clean about those Jay Z cheating rumours.

Jonathan Hay, who was repping the Bajan pop star at the beginning of her career, has apologized to Beyonce for fabricating the rumours – which came close to jeopardizing her relationship with Jay Z – in a bid to boost Rihanna’s early career.

Speaking to the New York Daily news, Hay said: “I apologized to her… this whole thing is very awkward.”

He added to Inside Edition: “I was desperate at the time because I wanted to have a hit record. We were young and stupid.”

It comes after celebrity journalist J. Randy Taraborrelli wrote about the power pair’s marriage in his unauthorised biography, Becoming Beyonce, and claimed Beyonce believed the rumours that Jay Z had hooked up with Rihanna.

He alleged the couple started rowing over Beyonce’s ‘obsessive dedication’ to work back in 2005, three years before they got married.

The rumours are said to have left Beyonce with ‘trust issues’

“He felt that she was too concerned with [work] and overwhelmed by it… She also had a tendency to become moody and defensive when under great work pressure, and it had begun to drive a wedge between her and Jay,” Taraborrelli writes.

“The two broke up for a time during that year. She flat-out told him she needed a break.”

During that time it was rumoured Jay Z and Rihanna got together, but Taraborrelli said a former member of Rihanna’s camp – now revealed to be Hay – had confessed to him that he made up the claims in order to kick-start her career as a pop star.

Singer Rihanna at Rihanna's 8th album artwork reveal for "ANTI" at MAMA Gallery on October 7, 2015 in Los Angeles, California
Rihanna pictured earlier this month

While they may not have hooked up but the author claims Beyonce believed the gossip and ended up having trust issues when it came to Jay.

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This was also reportedly the reason behind Jay Z and Solange’s infamous Met Gala lift bust-up, with the rapper saying he wanted to party with Rihanna while Beyonce said no.

“Why can’t you go home?” Solange is reported to have said, according to the New York Daily News.

That prompted the rapper to tell her to mind her own business, according to Taraborrelli, and everyone knows what happened next…

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