Travis Scott wants Rihanna to know he’s not Chris Brown or Drake but is ready to use his Texas charm on the Barbadian beauty to show her he’s there to stay and be loyal.

Travis Scott and Rihanna get dinner in ParisTravis Scott and Rihanna get dinner in Paris


 The ‘Maria I’m Drunk’ rapper is fully aware of Rihanna’s heartaches in the past, mainly at the hands of Breezy, 26, and Drizzy, 28, which is why he’s attempting to show her a different side than what she’s used to. He wants to show her he’s not a player like her exes.

“He really digs her and doesn’t want her to ever think he’s another player,” a source close to Travis explained to Hollywood Life. “He wants her to leave all that relationship bullsh** she’s dealt with in the past, and open up her future and go on a journey with him. He’s doing the little things to show her that he cares,”the source added.

Is Riahanna dating Travis Scott?Is Riahanna dating Travis Scott?


 We earlier reported that Rihanna is afraid to fall hard and deep for Scott because he reminds her of Brown who didn’t only cheat on her but famously beat her up. But all Travis wants is a fair chance to love Rihanna.

Rihanna teases new album artworkRihanna teases new album artwork

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 Rihanna might want to rethink her relationship with Travis and consider giving the man an authentic chance. Travis thinks he’s found the golden ticket in Rihanna. He’s so smitten with the pop star that dating her makes him feel like a million bucks!

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“He won the lottery! She is a cool chick who is talented, and is amazingly fun and a machine when it comes to being sexual. What isn’t there to like?”  another source explained.

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