‘Slapper’ is an offensive word used to describe a promiscuous, vulgar woman (a woman who has had s*x with a lot of men). British journalist Piers Morgan branded Kim a ‘Slapper’ because she shared a new n@ked selfie and he thinks it sends a”completely wrong message to the millions of young girls who follow her that the only path to feminist success is flashing bre@sts.”

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3 thoughts on “Piers Morgan comes for Kim K over her n*de selfie, calls her a ‘Slapper’”

  1. she is not showing good example to does that ar looking up to her.. she is pretty but her life style Is what I don’t like..

  2. Every human being has his/her own life to leave, she’s making money with her own style so why not leave her and do your own the way you think is proper… This is a free world what those making money with their porn videos, what would you tell them? Just go and get your self a life

  3. weather you like it or not,she is a star already and if you are getting angry with her,she doesn’t know because she has her money already

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