What is the connection between winning souls for Christ and big butts? None, but this back loaded Ghanaian actress says, her pastor claims she can win souls with her big bu.tt.

Vivian Okyere known as Tundra in movies is gifted at the backside and she told NewsOne in a recent interview that, her pastor told her she can attract men with her butt and preach to them about God to accept Christ in their lives.

Interestingly ridiculous…right?

The actress also told the newspaper that, “sometimes I feel guilty about my bu.tts and the way men lust after them. I was once walking by the New Town road in Accra and one guy driving a vehicle looked at me till he almost caused an accident.”

She also claims everything behind her is natural and she is proud and thankful that God took extra days to create her that way.

“I am proud of my body and I thank God for giving me this body… My body is natural. I know some people out there who have worked on their bodies.

My body is not fake and I can say that somehow my body does get me movie roles but if you have the body, figure and all that but (you) don’t have the talent, you won’t go anywhere. Mercy Johnson for example has the body, she is pretty and is also talented and it is working for her,” she said.

Actress Tundra is popular for various appearances in several Kumawood movies—she is a hot cake in Kumasi and surely, the backside is her selling point.

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