Two Nollywood actresses have engaged in a public brawl at the Ogudu GRA, Lagos residence of a Lagos big boy recently.

According to reports, the two fair actresses who hale from Imo state threw caution into the air, calling each other  names like ashawo, prostitute, boyfriend snatcher, shameless whore and many more.

The two actresses who are in their 30s are known by their English names, but the abbreviation of their Igbo names are Akum and Ify. Yes International! claimed that the two actresses who are fond of each other attend parties, top gigs together. Ify was said to be going out with the Lagos big boy, and he shares their sexcapades with Akum. This might have gotten the curious side of Akum as she decided to get a bit of the action but it turned out badly as she got caught by her friend who decided to visit her boyfriend unannounced.

Ify met them in the heat of the action and she descended on her friend. She reportedly bit her friend severally, including on her nipples, which she almost severed from its original position; used her nails to inflict so much damage and injuries on Akum’s face and for her two-timing boyfriend, a lot of electronics and other household items will need to be replaced, as she didn’t spare him also in her anger.

Nemesis was served hot when the security guard dashed across the road to buy some things, leaving the gate unlocked. Ify made her way to the sitting room on arrival effortlessly, discovering the shocking scene as she made her way down to the bedroom.

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The said Lagos big boy is from Niger Delta, fun loving and operates his business somewhere in Surulere, Lagos. And for the actresses, one is from Owerri and the other, Mbaise. They have taken part in some of the biggest and most popular movies you can think of. One lives in Ikeja and the other just before Okota.

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