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Moment Justin Bieber got the beating of his life from a man twice his size (Photos)


This is the moment Justin Bieber was thrown to the floor after becoming embroiled in a vicious fist fight.

The Sorry singer is captured on camera squaring up to a man twice his size outside a hotel in Cleveland, Ohio.

Justin, who stands at 5ft 9, pushes the much larger man in the chest before his opponent responds by slapping him with his right hand.

Justin, 22, can be seen wincing as he throws his head back before throwing a punch.

Justin proved no match for the burly other man
Justin throws a punch

The spat then turns into a full-on brawl as both men start trading blows and grappling.

A woman is seen moving out of the way as the fight spills towards the doors of the hotel on Wednesday night.

In a flurry of shoves and punches the unidentified man grabs Justin, who is sporting his new platinum blond dyed hair, and throws him to the floor.

Several other men jump in to try and diffuse the brawl, which happened after Justin was spotted watching the NBA finals as the Cleveland Cavaliers took on the Golden State Warriors.

Justin is overwhelmed by the larger man
There was a flurry of shoves and punches

Bieber was later seen being restrained by minders after the full-on throw down.

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