When you think of Maheeda, what comes to your mind won’t be her songs but n*de selfies, raunchy videos and her “bad girl” lifestyle. The controversial Nigerian singer revealed via her new YouTube channel, her s*xual preferences and how she loves to be handled s*xually.
Vanguard reports Maheeda said:

“People always ask me about how I like s*x. For me, s*x is to be enjoyed and it depends on my mood. Sometimes, I just want it rough and when I say rough I don’t mean violent, I mean hard. Sometimes I just want it in a gentle way.

Sometimes, I have energy and I just want to use the energy to satisfy my man. Most African men think that the harder they do it, the better they are. I like to talk a lot before having s*x so as to know my partner’s preference. If you want the same thing that I want then you are a good match.

I hate dry s*x, when a man is doing what I am not feeling. I like my s*x enjoyable, sometimes fast, and sometimes slow.

Foreplay is just so important to me

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