The controversial singer Maheeda revealed earlier this week that she was raped by her step-father and was abandoned by her real father. The singer said she is ready to reveal everything about everything. She said the only thing holding her back now is the fact that she doesn’t know how to let us know about her struggles.

The singer post on her Instagram this morning the picture above with the text below :
“Oh my naija, I’ve Been through a lot! And I’m still standing, How can I tell you my story, where will I even start from I really wish for you to hear my story but how? You hardly read books , learning from other people’s mistake or success stories is not your thing, this is hopeless Nigeria, how can I tell you my experiences? I don’t wanna go to the grave with them ! I only have only another 80 years to live is there still time? ” What do you think? Would you read Maheeda’s book if she writes one? Do you think we are living in a hopeless Nigeria?”. These are the questions she asked on her instagram post this morning!

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