Khloe Kardashian in her chat show ‘Kocktails with Khloe’ on Wednesday revealed she watches a lot of po rnography while also giving details about her relationships and love life.

In a new segment titled ‘konfronting the Rumour’, the 31 year old revealed she never really wanted to break up with Lamar Odom while admitting she’s still friends with French Montana.

‘I think once you let someone see your va gina, it’s probably nice to still have a relationship with them,’ she explained. ‘I’m still friends with French. We’re cordial…and yes, I did break up with James,’ she said.
‘Once you’ve had a certain type of love or respect from someone you won’t settle for much less,’ said Khloe, who married Odom one month after meeting him at a party.
‘[These days] People don’t really hold monogamy in such a big regard,’ she noted.

‘I just don’t want to put up with people who [say they] want to be monogamous and then they’re not,’ she continued.

Talking of Harden she said she gave him the option of an open relationship that he declined.
‘He sought me out, he wanted to be committed…and then he wasn’t committed,’ she said
‘I found out he wasn’t, and I’ve got the receipts to prove it,’ she added.
Joking she said: ‘So Koko had to let go go’
‘I’ve never ever cheated in my life,’ she continued.
‘My mom cheated on my dad…and I saw how it destroyed my dad…and I was like ”I don’t want to do that”,’ she said.
‘In one of the episodes I think I had Lamar’s mistress on,’ Fox, one of Khloe’s co-presenters told Khloé.
‘I think it might have been before you were together?’ he asked.
‘No, it was during,’ she replied bluntly, recalling that although she had not watched the show she had been asked if she wanted to comment on it.
‘Of course I declined,’
‘I want Lamar to be happy with Lamar again, I want Lamar to fall in love with his life one more time’.
‘That’s what I feel like is my role…I never wanted a divorce to begin with, I never wanted him to spiral out of control,’ she added.
When Khloe was asked if she thought her family were famous because of Kim K’s se x tape with Ray J, Khloe balked.
‘We’re going into the twelfth season, you have to give credit to that,’ she said, branding the video as just ‘initial notoriety’.
‘There’s so many people who you can say ”they had a se x tape” but that lasted a month,’ she continued.
‘I really appreciate more reality-based reality [TV],’ she confessed.
 ‘I love po rn, I’m all for po rn’.
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