Leonardo DiCaprio’s stepbrother is allegedly on the run from police after he a skipped court appearance.

According to The Sun newspaper, former actor Adam Farrar, who inspired Oscar-winner Leo to get into the industry, failed to turn up to a court date for petty theft and a police have now issued a warrant for his arrest.

A family source said: “Adam continues to run away from responsibilities and it’s going to land him in jail again.

“He’s struggled before with drugs and although he makes promises to get clean, he gets caught up in something else.

“He got fed up with Adam asking to borrow money and not paying it back.”

Farrar was arrested with his girlfriend Charity Moore in January for allegedly trying to nick goods worth less than £700.

Leo’s sibling was due in court on February 18 but skipped the date and bail has reportedly been set at $3,000.

He lived with The Revenant star as a child in Los Angeles after his mum Peggy tied the knot with the actor’s dad George.

Farrar previously starred in TV shows such as Galactica 1980 and has had a number of run-ins with the police since his acting career crumbled.

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